How on earth do you dodge AIM-120s?

I need help knowing how to defeat the AIM-120. I can dodge any other missile in the game, but the AIM-120 is too difficult. As soon as I get one launched at me I notch and then spam chaff, when I realise it’s still locked I turn cold and chaff, and it still hits me.

What do I do? Any help would be appreciated.

any replays to help identify what you were doing wrong? what plane are you using, etc etc.

In my experience chaffing is the sure way of dodging any ARH without hugging a tree. Continuously changing aspects from the missile while chaffing works well, from side to behind till its fooled

I don’t know how to insert replays I never used them before

I was using Gripen at altitude

Worth bearing in mind that with the Gripen. BOL is heavily nerfed:

If you find yourself dying mostly to Fox-3s. you could try loading only chaff in your internal CMs only and then use BOL for IR and Chaff.

Though you cant really pre-flare with BOL Currently, so it will leave you a little more vulnerable to IR missiles

You don’t need to insert them - you can follow the replay link in hte report at hte end of every battle, and click hte “copy address to clipboard” then jsut past e that…

Hey didn’t we tell you all this a week ago??

I forgot about that thanks

not me, I barely use the forums anymore

I’ll try to find the replay tho