How on earth did the F4F-4 Wildcat ever make it to 3.0 in Air RB?

The other person claimed the F4F-4 turns well, I then showed an aircraft that actually turns well.
And if you take issue with me using the Ki-27, here’s a couple others to compare it with:

  • Spitfire Mk 1a: 12:60s
  • CW-21: 12:20s
  • Ki-44-II: 14:40s
  • A6M3 Mod. 22: 11:92s
  • I-16 Type 18: 13:19s
  • Yak-1B: 14:96s
  • F4F-4: 15:90s

In an F4F-4? Haha.
That actually made me laugh out loud, thank you.

Let’s say that, for the sake of argument, the BF 109E-1 were at Battle Rating 5.7.

Would you then say: ‘‘It’s not bad, it’s just got a high skill ceiling’’?

If you don’t want to call the F4F bad, then nothing in this game is. Which is absurd because obviously there are good and bad vehicles.

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This is where I wish we had the ability to select the altitude that these stats were displayed at in the stat card. Because I really wonder how this list would change at various altitudes. I personally find the Spitfire a bit sluggish at higher alts and usually hug the deck.

It almost like you ignore my whole talk about it being jack of all trades and bla bla bla

So are we gonna ignore side climbing and having an alt advantage now?

I never said it isn’t bad, oh it is but not to the level of being the worse prop of the game. And it being at 3.0 isn’t that big of an overtier, not anything needed to be the best at that br range.

Also using stats card turning rate is a pretty piss poor way of measuring agility + I’m pretty sure most of the plane on that list are pretty well known for their agility.
I said it have a high skill celling due to you actually have to knows which plane to engage and which not, also have to have some basics on how to energy fighting and management+ trigger discipline means beginners would struggle in the damn thing. Fancy way of saying not beginners friendly.

He’s just bashing, without even trying to understand that F4F is a good aircraft for those having a brain,…

Might be the reason why he is so agressive:

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These aren’t any figures from the stat cards, if you ever see me qouting stats they will be taken from testing I’ve done myself.

Because to unironically believe the F4F-4 is a ‘‘jack of all trades’’ means you have to be deluded regarding it’s performance.
It’s either that, or you’re confusing F4F-4 with F4U-1a and you’ve been talking about the latter the whole time.

10.8 m/s climb rate.
The F4U-1a Corsair is well known for having a sub-standard climb rate, it’s rate is 17.5 m/s. I don’t think you grasp just how utterly atrocious the F4F’s rate of climb is.

Also, nothing is stopping the enemies from side-climbing as well, and they will all out-climb you in the process by a MASSIVE degree.

Who is using stat card turn rates?
Please let me know, then I can inform them how that’s a silly thing to do.

I’m sure that DEFYN with a 77% global winrate and a average K/D ratio of around 25 - 1 doesn’t have the same brains that you do, with your 37% winrate F4F-4.


You missed up that half %, which means i still own more than you do as you never played it.

And i own a win rate of 52.94% on the F4F-3
On which you only got 36.36% win rate

Winrates mostly depends on teammates, and even more on squadmates.

When i play, i’m alone, Defyn him plays with at least a duo, if not 4 stack.

And Defyn seems to be your go to arguement, there is various points on which i’m not agreeing to Defyn, and that on the whole game range.

Also i noticed that You’re only bringing DEFYN in the discussion as your go to argument, because you do not own your argues?
Maybe Brains hunt should be done,…

Edit, after brains hunt:

You do have 11 battles(RB count)(27 in arcade) in F4F whatsoever the variant,… i own 49 battles on them(RB count)(124 in AB), and you wanna tell me that you know the planes?

That will be your issue,if the planes is good as cas in grb it has high br


I think something went over my head… I’ve read through this whole thread (I now want to go try the F4F-4) and am confused by this meme… That’s a P-51, not a zero, and the P-51 can’t outturn a zero. Please tell me went over my head lol

Still makes me laugh when I see things like that or an Fw-190 try to turn fight a spitfire

Sure thing it is, but when the spitfire is bad enough, and that you have a trick in your sleeve, you still can get that kill ^^"

Have you ever tried to fly on an xbox? Every plane is like a PE 8 to fly.

Lol that’s true. It’s kinda stupid hard…

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Billy ,I can do a loop in a real plane but not on xbox x 😆

Lmao. I was lucky to get my account transferred when they first offered it earlier this year


What does a P-51 turnfighting Zeroes have to do with the F4F-4 Wildcat being bad exactly?


I find that to be likely the case, but also the fact that a lot of Soviet fighters have decent guns, but relatively low ammo pools.

im not the one who made the image :)
just in general about turnfighting zeros

You still haven’t explained how it’s relevant to me?

Alright, I just played a few games and can say this about the aircraft;
It’s not too bad tbh. Sure, it’s competitors are good if not better, but you can say that about a lot of aircraft. It’s guns are really good for it’s BR and it’s somewhat tanky. Sure it’s not the fastest but it’s fast enough to get the job done. When it comes to maneuverability that’s where it sucks. It can’t turn too much at low speeds, but is “ok” at higher/medium ones. Defiantly an aircraft you need to have a alt/speed advantage in to win. I wouldn’t recommend to a new player, but an experienced one should do fine. Just have to use a brain cell or two.

Edit: I forgot to mention my opinion on it being 3.0 which was the whole point of this thread. I don’t think that 3.0 is a justified BR for it personally. I mean it’s the same BR as the F4U-1D which is better than it at everything, plus some. I think 2.7 is a much better BR for it, but understand why it’s 3.0. Yes it requires a brain but it can be decent at 3.0, especially when you think about the majority of players that play that BR range are new players who don’t know how to fly super well. So yeah that’s my opinion. I don’t agree with it being 3.0 but even at 3.0 it can still be decent with a brain. Have good day y’all :)