How many Israel A-4N "Ayit" were fitted with ARBS laser spotter?

I was just curious if anyone has any information on how many Israeli A-4N’s received the ARBS laser spotter in the nose of the aircraft giving it the capability to guide Laser GBU’s. I think this could good be a great addition to the Israel air tree, If applied to the current A-4N in tree or as a separate aircraft

It doesn’t provide any Self-designation capability whatsoever. It’s only performs Laser Spot Tracking so speeds the acquisition / slewing of the bomb’s own seeker.


Thank you for the Clarification


we can clearly see the ARBS Laser Spotter in the ayits noses

these need to be add in the game.

The A-4N is already in the Israeli tree, an updated model may turn up if the add the A-4M to the US tree.

i know that. what i want is that Laser GBU.

They have so far only been added to aircraft with Self-Designation capabilities, which the A-4 never received, if Buddy Lazeing is ever implemented Gaijin might revise it(They have mentioned it a few times in Dev Q&A’s but nothing has eventuated yet). Though at least for now is not likely.