How many Gs can a average ATGM pull?

How many Gs can a average Heli launched or ground based atgm pull? They seem to pull a lot of Gs in game. Is it realistic?

Depend on the ATGM

Average, according to the game files, is about 5Gs or so. This sounds low, but ATGMs are usually pretty slow as well and tanks don’t tend to pull insane high G maneuvers.

I mean sometimes atgms can track jets better than some air to air missiles

Some modern ATGMs are semi-designed also for taking out things like Helis too and even when considering ground targets, a far more common target might be a speeding car or motorbike with a HVT rather than a slow moving tank.

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Usually they tend to have more problem with losing missiles guided than exceeding its missiles G pull .
Due to most ATGM are slower than AA Missiles.
For example about losing missiles guided.