How is Tornado Gr1 in Air RB these days?

I know it is not made for air RB as a strike aircraft, but historically and visually I really like the plane. I already have the F3 and JAS39C and trying to figure out if my next step is to just hold there or go toward Tornado Gr1 or Harrier Gr 7….both of those lines are barely researched.


Id be inclined towards the harrier Gr7 for now. Large CM pool, MAWS, 4x 9Ms and a decent handling. It’s a fun aircraft if you aren’t uptiered to 12.7 as being subsonic is a tad of an issue in that theatre.

The tornado Gr1 is a bit underpowered currently. Excellent fun if you got into air SIM, but you won’t be reliably getting bases, and you won’t be winning dogfights in ARB. But… That being said. Hoping the tornado Gr1 gets some very much needed tlc next major update with some of the road map additions. But that is a “wait and see” situation.


Honestly I’d say in RB GR.7 is a winner. However, there is one big disadvantage on the GR.7: you have to take fights. Because you cannot run away.

However, the 9Ms are spectacular (shouldn’t have been added but there we are) and make dealing with unaware enemies much much easier.


I appreciate the advice…the only thing that makes me pause is trying to determine where both those lines will go in the future…I guess I am wondering if way down the road a Eurofighter might be added to the Tornado line since it has ground strike capability in later tranches.

I have my first future Eurofighter covered with the JAS39C and Tornado F3 lines, but want to have the correct lines ground out to be ready for all EFT options that may come.

Also hoping the ground and air BR split comes soon in regard tomCAS aircraft, but I guess that would potentially benefit both Tornado Gr1 and Gr7.

I know I am overthinking it, but tiring of the grind nature of WT and want to be efficient getting to what I really want and honestly the main reason why I am in British air at all is ultimately the Typhoons though the Tornados and Harriers are nice from a historical/personal perspective too…just not so much in regard to in game feasibility air RB wise…really need to try sim.

Thanks again!

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Below the Phantom FG1 will likely be our next aircraft, the Sea Harrier FA2 (AMRAAM armed)

Below the Tornado Gr1 will probably be the Tornado Gr4 (could be fun if it gets Brimstone)

Below the Harrier Gr7 will likely be the Harrier Gr9A (better engine, HMD and hopefully Brimstone)

Next in line below the tornado F3 is probably the Tornado F3 AoP (Aim9M and AMRAAM armed)

Typhoon will probably appear in either the tornado F3 line or the Gripen line. So you shouldn’t be impacted whether you choose tornado or harrier first in that regard. The line with the Gripen/Phantom FGR2 is our “multirole” line and is where I’d currently expect the Typhoon FGR4 to be located.

A BAE Hawk could also appear at top tier (with the right loadouts) and I’d guess that would be in the harrier Gr7 line

As for the BR split, fingers crossed that will be June and 1 of the TLC items I mentioned before. At 11.0 the tornado Gr1 might be better. Harrier Gr7 probably won’t move down now it has Aim-9Ms. Probably would have done if it had kept 9Ls

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Wow, thanks for all of that info. I would not mind picking up the BAE Hawk as long as it is not over tiered too much. Thank you!!


I could see it coming at a range of BRs from 9.0 to 13.0 depending on loadouts. I’m most expecting one about 11.0 with 9Ls and Skyflash. Higher BR ones would be dependent on weapon systems like ASRAAM

But I’d currently guess it would appear in the strike fighter line

I’ve just went from playing and stock grinding the gripen to trying to play and stock grind the tornado GR1.

This isn’t a plane, it’s a flying free kill in ARB.
It can’t win a dogfight against anything.
It only has two measly 9Ls that won’t kill anyone that has their flare key bound.
The guns when you hit just seem to do zero damage.
It’s also slow compared to everything you face.
You can’t even bomb bases to stock grind it because the F4s are faster than you when they have a full loadout.

This thing is horrible.

Thanks! Unfortunately, I think you are absolutely correct.

I’ve only ever “won” where anyone in a sweep wing just hasn’t been sensible. And left wings swept back and screwed themselves.

They seem to be really finicky… which is weird given velocity and size. It’d be fine if it was just that you were missing, but even when you hit… they’re a bit garbage from time to time.

That’s what kills this plane. It just isn’t fast enough.