How is the Type 87 RCV remotely 9.0 material?

Well, Gj balance based on stats. And when I encounter Japan tree players they are usually quite skilled, so that is not a surprise. We need to start a riot to Gj with balancing choices.


Have you even played the Type 87? You just listed a number of features of the vehicle, and when faced with the fact that other vehicles at the same BR have additional or better features, all you have said is “but it belongs at 9.0” lol

Yes, 119 battles in it.

Yeah I have no idea why Gaijin raised it up that high. It honestly shouldnt really be any higher than 8.7 but frankly it should be 8.3.

No thermals, no stab, no LRF, no reverse speed.

The person saying it "doesnt need " those things is hilariously wrong. A stab especially would be massive for a vehicle whos survival relies on it staying moving.

The Type 89 can better survive 9.0 considering it has all of those above things the RCV lacks, while also having ATGMs.

APFSDS in general has overall far better modifiers than APDS.

Post pen on the smaller caliber APFSDS is atrocious, the 60mm APFSDS on the HVG has worse and at best equal post pen as the 30mm APDS on BMPs.

Where the Aubl has a whopping 7.8 second reload for unknown reasons and the other is an autocannon with 550 round per minute.

Way to ignore half of my reply, but at this point I guess it’s just your MO. Perhaps I should have been more specific; Have you played with it since its BR increase? You seem to view vehicles in a sort of “feature vacuum”, where the playability of a vehicle depends solely on its own characteristics. I think this perspective misses the point of OP’s message, namely that it, on paper (and in practice), is WORSE than its BR contemporaries within the same class of vehicle.

If you don’t have anything constructive to say, don’t say anything mate.

Except it isn’t. That’s the point.

Yep. And gee, its still great.

It literally is though.

It doesnt matter if you think its perfectly playable or you think that in its current form is fine at 9.0, that does not change the hard fact that the VBC(PT2) is also at 9.0, with the same gun, in the same class and role as the RCV, but it has a full stab, thermals, a Laser rangefinder and laser warning receiver, and a faster reverse speed.

It is literally better in every way than the RCV at the same BR. The only thing the RCV has over it is that its a bit smaller in size.

Every single vehicle in its BR range and vehicle role have at least two of those things the RCV doesnt. They ALL have full stabs. Most of them have thermals. Half of them have laser rangefinders. Some of them are even 8.7 with those things.

It is a factually incorrect statement to say that the RCV is equal to its contemporaries at 9.0. it does not matter if you think it doesnt need any of those things to perform, the simple fact it doesnt have them still makes it undeniably worse.

It should not be 9.0. it should frankly go back to 8.3 so it can sit in a lineup with the Type 74C/STB-1 again.

For the record, I have 232 games played in it.


Every time I see the Japan tree it’s just sad, the RCV at 9.0 is absolutely insane, it has nothing, no thermals, no stabilizer, no ATGM, no alternate gun, nothing, what a joke.

the RCV should stay at 8.3, 9.0 is not good. it’s worse than it’s counterparts at that BR, also why’s the 89IFV at 9.0 too? it should go to 8.3 to 8.7, that things so pitiful, the most nerfed vehicle ingame probably.

Don’t get me wrong, I love the RCV as much as the next guy. It’s a fantastic vehicle, but I’m seeing it at 9.0 against things like the Beglietpanzer, BMP-3, and BMD-4, and I’m wondering why it peers with vehicles that have far more advanced equipment and modifications as well as ATGM’s to compensate for their less punchy guns.

Not only that, but a 20mm APFSDS may have a good fire rate, but the post-pen damage is garbage, there is zero spall, and it does almost nothing to ammo unless you get lucky and hit it multiple times. It has no business being at 9.0 and facing off against things that are superior to it in many different aspects.

The point is that at 8.7 or 8.3, it will still function the same, but it will have better odds against the medium and other light tanks it is fighting against, such as the Warrior, M48, and T55/T62. Right now, at 9.0, all you are basically doing is running around the map, de-capping points, and scouting things with the opportunity to kill people who aren’t paying attention. This is due to a BMP or TAM making it to your flank almost as fast as you did, meaning flanking is out of the question unless you are lucky or wait a minute of the round for them to arrive so you can ambush, which still isn’t guaranteed success.

And yes, it is slow; your acceleration is easily garbage and can cost you dearly if you hit something as simple as a stone wall and lose all your speed.

It’s almost worse than the R3, which was a faster, better armored, stabilized vehicle at what, 3.3 one day with about 60mm of pen?

The RCV is bigger, accelerates poorly, is slower, less armor, not stabilized, less ammo, lower RoF, less elevation at 9.0.

The only added value is a higher pen round that like all small APFSDS doesn’t do anything to anyone, to a point where I imagine the R3 being more effective at 9.0 than the RCV.


60mm APFSDS just as bad however, I assume there are no Russian vehicles shooting low caliber APFSDS then.

30mm APDS from a BMD is more effective than 60mm APFSDS, color me surprised.

I’m having such a hard time accepting if its 9.0 or 8.3 material. Cuz its gun is fairly powerful to deal with all threats. Even without thermals/Stabs it still manages to do well due to the fact that many light vehicles exist in high tiers. Currently have a 51% win rate with 800 games when it was around 8.0 area back then. It started at 7.3Br which ended up being too powerful…sadly i didn’t play it enough since they quickly nerfed it to 8.0 area, but now sits at 9.0 which i find a bit extreme… K/D ratio is bad due to getting killed easily by MGs. Would love it at 8.3 for the 8.3 Line up though.

However the vehicle that does need a lower Br is the Type 87 RCV (P)…sitting at 7.7 without a line up and without much pen power. It’s literally a 5.3 SUB-I-II on wheels with better mobility. If anything, should be 7.0 or 7.3 with the Soviet BTR-80A that’s 7.3. Both are equally matched with the BTR having slight more pen than Type 87 RCV (P) with similar mobility. Can deal with late prop planes doing CAS at 7.3 there than with constant jets as well. Also will allow to support the 7.3 Line up with Type 99 SPH, M47 and Ho-Ri Production.

Compared to other vehicles at the BR the Type 87 is ridiculously bad, other vehicles can get a similar cannon + atgm + thermals a 100mm cannon on the side.
Sure, in the right situation you can get kills, it’s strong against light armored stuff but that goes for any fast firing cannon, yesterday someone got a nuke in 5 minutes using the Falcon, but the moment you run into an actual MBT you’re done.

The (P) at 7.7 is so pointless, nothing at 7.7 and 7.3 is already questionable with the Ho-Ri there, but if you put the (P) at 7.3 you can have a pretty fun lineup at least.

The fact that nobody plays it and it performs horribly promotes that idea, but somehow Gaijin doesn’t see a problem.

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