How does war thunder make sure it is accurate?

I was wondering how does Gaijin make sure the game stays accurate with most of its stats? I know that technical manuals and documents can be easily accessible on the internet but for smaller nations such as Sweden or more modern (unclassified) vehicles, online manuals can be hard to find. In such cases does Gaijin find someone who lives near an archive to go to said archive and look through it? or does Gaijin simply estimate or plain up guess stats? A follow up question, if someone then decides to make a suggestion altering stuff based on de classified documents found in archives will Gaijin take the suggestion in consideration?

It’s not. They value game balance over realism.


They don’t

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Public websites, there’s a huge amount of information out there that doesn’t show up on basic Google searches.

Manuals, books, documents, brochures…

There’s all the information dug up and posted by forum users.

Directly asking for it. Some companies and organisations are more than willing to answer questions on (non confidential) vehicle/equipment/weapon features, capabilities, stats.

…but however much they may gather it’s all hidden under a very fuzzy blanket described as the need for ‘balance’, except they can’t seem to decide what type of balancing system they want to use (BR, Battle stats, weaponry, countermeasure availability, even basic vehicle model!) and things always look and feel wrong somewhere because it’s not standardised.

Basically they claim a high standard for realism, and continously do everything they can to avoid it.

nothing in this game is accurate.

they refuse to accept any unpublished information and also refuse to balance XD

For classified vehicles, it is basically guess work.

As long as it is a good source, submit a report and they might approve it. They usually need more than one source though.

This also depends on what exactly you want to report. If it is reload rate, only stuff for auto-loaders is used. This is because manual loading is mostly changed for balance reasons.

For some smaller nations where information is hard to find they pay historical consultants to help find information. And they do also obtain documents from archives for example this Dev blog uses multiple documents from the National Archives and Bovington Tank Museum: [Datasheet] Challenger Historical References - Project News - War Thunder - Official Forum

Speaking from first hand experience: yes they will.