How does Razer Gold work?

I have seen this advertised in the news section but neither the Warthunder post, not Razer site give clear instructions on how this works.

Razer’s website, just says “reload warthunder with Razer gold” which makes absolutely no sense whatsoever since I see no option in the store to replenish Razer gold, let alone an purchase option to use it.

And the news article here says absolutely nothing about it either, except to say “Razer Gold PIN is a digital code used to replenish Razer Gold wallets as well as making purchases directly in the Gaijin Store!” but where?

There is nothing on the store for Razer, its not in the payment options, its not in the “other” payment options, there is no mention of it anywhere, other than the news article.

So how does this work?

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Buy this > Get the pin > Use the pin during checkout in gaijin store(use the razer gold checkout option)

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This is already been asked in the announcement thread, perhaps turn there.