How does one (re)add forum members to one's ignored user list?

Hi, all

How does one go about adding forum members to your ignored users list? I had a handful of people on the old forum who I was easily able to add to my ignored user list, but now in the new forum I see they’re no longer blacklisted. How do I put them back? They’re still posting the things that landed them on my ignored user list in the first place - would have been nice if Gaijin would have kept that particular setting when moving to the new forums.

Thanks in advance!

Bring the person’s profile up (right click on name, open in new tab), top right corner just under message click on normal, select muted. Hope this helps.

Aha. I noticed that option earlier, but thought it would just keep you from getting notifications, alerts, etc. from that person. I did not think it would also hide them from your view when using the forums, too. I’ll check it out. Thanks!

Edit: I just tried it. Nope, you can still see “muted” forum users when browsing the forums. I guess Gaijin got rid of the option to actually block/ignore/hide specific users. That’s a bummer. But thanks for trying to help, @DerLachendeMann. It’s appreciated!