How do you select the 30 mm autocannon on Turm III

I have been trying to determine how to select the 30 mm autocannon on the Turm III. What settings are needed in the control setup? The two other tanks I use with a second cannon used the select secondary weapon to choose the alternate cannon. Does not work on Turm III. What am I missing?


I believe it’s the same button as MGs, so should be SPACEBAR by default

If your trying to select it alone and secondary weapons key binding isn’t working then I’d say try MG key binding. If not the it should be still keybinded to MG’s with Space like @Arctic-Fox

Turm III cannon can’t be really selected separately from MGs as it’s the same keybind,

But if you press “Select primary weapons” you’ll be able to shoot only the Auto cannon in the same keybind you use for MGs, as well shoot the main cannon with LMB by default.