How do you play the AMX 13 HOT?

Okay so i’ve recently decided to take a deeper look into the 8.3 French lineup that I ditched a few years ago because it was catastrophic.

The 30 ACRA came as a nice surprise as I had bad memories of it but wtf is wrong with the AMX 13 HOT ?
I didn’t even took it into a battle as just the testing ground was enough to determine that it was awful. The 75mm is purely useless as it is 6.7 material, that’s no surprise but wtf is wrong with the missiles ?
I can’t hit a target closer than 200m as the missile is fired upward and it’s hard to hit targets beyond 200m as the missile just crashes into the ground after exiting its dive.

So is the 13 HOT just an unusable tank or am I doing something critically wrong ? What’s the point of having this vehicle in the game when I get two other light tanks at the very same BR with actually usuable armament ?

Since they’re pointed up they have a pretty big minimum range. Try aiming them higher than your target until they straighten out.

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Irredeemable machine. Not worth playing at its current br. It should either be lowered or:

  1. add the experimental APDS: Sous-calibré à sabot détachable 75/54/40 (APDS) for the SA50 - France - War Thunder - Official Forum
  2. add a 4 hot launcher modification

For the missiles, just practice. The gun is useless unless used from the side. At least it’s a garenteed 1 shot because of the APHE.The HOT missile is on-par with the TOW, it has more than enough penetration, and enough speed, just be careful with positioning.

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There is no APHE on the AMX though, that’s another big issue if you ask me.

Yes the missiles are good, I love them on the VAB for example, but it feels so uselss as you can’t play in any urban map or sligthly uneven terrain thx to the weird position of the launcher.

Could have sworn the 75mm on that got APHE.

nope that’s why it sucks because even from the side you’ll need at least two shots to kill something, which will of course turn around and kill you

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the fl11 and char25t have aphe, the amx13 with the fl10 do not


I actually long ago made a sight for it exactly because of this: WT Live // Sight by Schindibee (

So for short distances you really need to aim with the circles, then it works (not sure if the ballistics of the gun is still up to date though…). Note it matters which missile you fire…


That’s really incredible dude, nice work. Don’t know how to instal those custom sights but thx a lot for your work

Just follow the installation guide disclosed:

  1. Copy contained folder \UserSights\ into your main WT-folder \War Thunder.

  2. Go to test Drive (reccommended anyway to try out the sights)…

  3. Once in test drive, press Alt + F9 to reload sights…

However, I’d have to upgrade it as the missile aiming points seem to be quite off. Aparently they changed something since I made the sight… = (

  1. Go to options, and under tank options select the desired sight variant

I’ll try that, thx