How do you find out what br the match you are playing is

I am just wondering how to find out how to check the br of the match that I am in.

Well there are two ways to tell, one is if you know what the Br of the vehicles are in your match which gives you a straightforward answer by which one is automatically the highest. The other is the spawn points, so using a medium tank for an example in a full down tier your SP cost will be 150, but the more up-tiered you are the lower it gets with a full uptier being 100 sp for a Medium tank. The pattern of the SP cost is consistent in the change however it varies by vehicle type and it only can be determined by the higher br vehicle(s) in your lineup as say in a 6.7 lineup your heavy tank sp in a full down tier is 160, however if you have a 6.3 heavy tank in that lineup as well it will not cost 160 sp because it is not at the lowest br it can be at.


If you are in AB you can go to the team rosters and mouse over the icon for the equipment each player is using - that will show you their BR and the top 3 BR’s of equipment in their lineup.

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There is no “automatic” or “easy” way…but when i spawn i take a look at my team tanks around me, one of them is usually top tier.
You can also check the roster (as mentioned above) if you unsure about the numbers.

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