How do you avoid radar missiles that ignore chaff while lacking pulse doppler

I have been playing 11.0/10.7 aircraft recently and climbing while in a downtier because I know there is no pulse doppler radars. A lot of the time I die to f-4e’s from 5-7km with their aim7e-2 or the aim7e, but im chaffing and it doesn’t seem to matter the missile just tracks. Anyone know how to combat this?

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Chaff earlier. The missile can still track you after chaffing for a few seconds. It’s not like an IR missile where flaring instantly solves the problem most of the time even if the missile is close.

does it matter how much chaff I use? or do I just have to do it earlier

I just use a few drops then watch missile to see if its course changes. It helps to also not fly into the head on path of the missile. You should try to already be turning side or rear aspect to avoid.

yeah but aim7e dont burn for long so you can really watch it

You can still track it in my experience. Plus you should be going for kinetic dodges while chafing against non-PD

yeah I am playing f-104 rn so you cannot do that

Side aspect is still far better for avoiding its guidance

Okkkk so AIM-7 uses CW (Continuous wave) as opposed to AIM-9C/early Russian ones which use Pulse. So in short, continuous wave uses guidance partially from the aircraft and partially from the seeker, as opposed to pulse which uses guidance from the seeker. This means that even if you chaff the radar on a CW seeker missile, it can still track for a few seconds because of the seeker still illuminating the target.

This isn’t how it works, it’s just the best I can explain it.

Going cold, doing S shape turn while chaffing, and then dive your nose.

The S chape will create a big cloud of chaffs, then you can escape the radius of explosion by diving down.

The missile will be fooled.(or at least it should be fooled)

The problem is that WT is badly coded for that part of missiles gameplay, so it might not be able to help.

It’s mostly down to how the radar paints the lock area, it’s usually in a conical shape and the F-4E’s radar has a pretty massive one. Chaff, while confusing the radar, can still get ignored by the missile since the aircraft it’s going for can have a larger radar cross section, which the missile goes for.
So basically, when being locked you should chaff to confuse the radar and then move out of it’s painting cone.

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