How do you aim?

Seriously, How do you aim. For the past few days I have been struggling to get one kill in air rb. If you have to know, I use the yak3 and this is a beast I can say so myself. But I just can’t aim. I have lost it when I lost a 1v3 against 2 zeros and a p51. Yes, you may ask yourself how that made me mad. I have gotten to each and every single plane’s tail at least once. They dragged the fight to their airfield where they finished me off. My aim wasn’t like this before. It just had gotten worse after I took a week-long break from the game. Before I was getting a kill with just half a second burst and sometimes I even pilot sniped a few times. But back then, I couldn’t understand how to use the yak3 (only until like 2 days ago), But now that I have gotten on my enemy’s tail every single time but I cannot get a single critical hit to the damn plane which has made to make this post. It had gotten so worse that I MISSED ALMOST EVERY SINGLE SHOT ON A HEADON WITH A BOMBER, even in headons I miss my shot, yes I did aim up a little bit to compensate for my shots going under. All I got was one “hit” and got my engine one-shot by its gunner (I mean I’m not surprised cause I don’t think my engine has any protection anyway). But my point is, every time I get on my opponent’s tail, even if I catch them off guard or they pull off some defensive maneuver, I miss, and the moment I get in front of my enemy or he gets his nose on me first after like 4 turns, I get killed. Yes, I tried using the mission editor thing in the flight test, my aim there was decent because I don’t think the planes don’t act like the ones in air rb, they just fly straight even after getting hit. Do I have to take a step back and go back to arcade? Do I just have to keep on trying and lose like 3k sl every match? Or does it have to do with me overestimating my opponent’s speed because I noticed all my shots keep going behind its tail. I just want to improve my aim and get at least like 1 kill a match. Thanks for taking your time listening to my rant lol.

Missing clear shots are not unusual, sometimes u just have lags.

I would recommend to use the server replay function and watch your shots from your enemies’ pov. I mean over- or underleading is just a training issue, so just by watching the replays you might get a clue why you miss…

Thats explains half of my engagements, Like one where I decided to turn fight a fw190 since it was like 500meters below me and climbing. Apparently after he dodged my first pass. He made a 180 and tried to run away from me. After I got close, he made a sharp turn, I made my shot and aimed a little closer to the plane than usual because after climbing, dodging, making a 180 and making a sharp turn made me think he was going a little under 300kph, nope after I checked the replay he was going like 400-500kph somehow. But that doesn’t explain the other half. Like this one after reversing or whatever that maneuver is called, against a Japanese fighter (I forgot what the fighter name was but it wasn’t a zero and that may be a bad idea but I went with it anyway), unlike what you may have expected, I managed to get behind him in one of the turns. I sprayed as much of my guns at him as I can, none of those shots hit. After that pass I got behind him again, I sprayed my guns again, it missed somehow, after that a p51 decided to ruin it but I somehow evaded both shots from 2 different planes and my team got the p51 while the Japanese fighter escaped. Returning to base for more ammo the same guy decided to dogfight me again, we did the same maneuvers and I keep getting behind him again and again, until one time I forgot to deploy my flaps which made him get behind me and before I can even react, I heard shots. I was dead. Until now I don’t know how I missed those shots.