How do I turn off the auto tracking feature while using radar spaa?

Just for reference I play on Xbox.

So, I just got the ability to research the Gepard, and with it being my first radar spaa, I bound my keys for radar and tried to use it. It’s great, but something is bugging me.

Whenever I lock something, it snaps my turret over there and will continually follow the plane.

I find this very annoying and would like to disable it. Is there any way how?

Its a feature of radar SPAA, you cant turn it off afaik. It moves your turret to lead accurately after the plane once you lock it.

ah dang. maybe i’ll get used to it but being so used to the ostwind 2 it kinda screws mr up as i prefer to not get my neck broken by locking an aircraft.

Used to be a button in Tracking, on/off, but the host removed it, and I hate this auto tracking feature the most!

Auto tracking is automatic and non-desactivable when you lock a target. For not have the tracking, just dont lock an aircraft.

Easier said than done when some guy is flying in on a straight run and you aren’t used to very high velocity guns or you have to put one super high accuracy burst into then before they bomb a teammate.

Also, I like to know where the next missile is coming from. Not using the radar does exactly the opposite of what I like.

Yup but the auto-track in not desactivable. Maybe, one day, GJ add a key for activate or desactivate the auto-track.

And, you can turn your turret independentely, but you keep the tracking movements.

He was saying “just don’t track”, it doesn’t mean you should desactivate your radar