How Do i See Enemy's In RB

How do I see the other team I Know how to use thermals but any tips on how to spot people?

Using binoculars to peek over the hill is probably the safest way to spot the enemies due to the vision height, you can see others who expose their vehicles while they can’t see you. Thermals are a little risky due to the low position of the gunner viewport which will always put you in a position where you are exposed to the enemies.

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Yeah, if you are not used to spotting tanks in RB, start lower, where thermals and high velocity guns are not a thing yet.
So like rank 5 at most.

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turn off grass in sights and binoculars does a lot.
try to sneak a lot and look out for movement when standing still.

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  • some 500 battles
  • i know how to use thermals

Yeah that might be the issue buddy, playing vehicle with thermals while you have only 500 battles.


again, I’m just looking for tips to get better but thanks.

So, two things about thermals.

  1. they are essentially a camera filter in a sense they only highlight objects your camera (or rather gunner/commander optic) sees.

  2. more often than not, tradeoff for such powerful tool is that you get much smaller FOV

With the two above, id advise you to NOT tunnel vision as 90% of thermals users do and know where and when to use them. Close range CQB fight? Better to stay in 3rd person unless you have to aim for weakspot.
Sniping on sinai? Keep scanning those snad dunes with thermals.

However this knowledge cannot be learned instantly, you simply need to play the game and learn the usual spots where enemy usually sits etc.

And this learning process is much more forgiving at lower BRs where games tend to be slower.

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thank you very much.

Dont forget commander view, some have greater magnification than binocular. And believe it or not in wooded areas driver view will allow you to look under the tree canopy. Also peeking around corners and over objects in 3rd person view