How do I report "friendly" player misbehavior?

Tonight is the second time this has happened to me, I don’t recall the player names from the first time. Two friendly players pinned my vehicle down, preventing me from not only moving at will but engaging the enemy. All the while they pinned me down, they weren’t shooting (at the enemy) either. Eventually they had me against some rocks, my vehicle was lifted up, BANG shot dead by the enemy. After respawning into an SPAAG, I left the spawn zone, shot at an enemy aircraft, and was run down by one of those “friendIies” who also shot at me, then the mission ended. I saved the replay: These players interfered with other friendlies before me, making a complete nuisance of themselves, and THEY WERE NEVER SHOT AT BY THE ENEMY. One of these players never shot at the enemy, the other only took maybe 2-3 shots. I attempted to report this using the “report an issue” feature in the “community” list in the hangar but after filling out the fields, it wouldn’t permit me to send the report. Any moderators here reading this? Anyone else know of a reporting procedure I can use to hopefully have these players sanctioned?


In-game, click on Community tab, then Streams and Replays. From there click on “Find replays with my particpation” and click Find.

Click on the replay in question. You’ll see a list of players from the match with ! beside their name. Load up the replay, find the time of the incident, and then return back to the browser page click on ! and make a report.


Here, the site’s section for replay serveur and do report againts others players.

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_Mr, thanks for the assistance. With your help I’ve submitted two reports on each of the offenders. Question: when I submitted the reports, it stated that the “complaint sent to user.” To the user??? Why not moderators? If I was one of those idiots and got a complaint from my victim I’d laugh it off. Hopefully, the complaint was sent ON the user. Any clarification? Thanks!

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Thanks shangxiang!

I doubt it goes to the actual player. It’s probably just blanket statement when using their web portal.

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I doubt you will ever hear any feedback or outcome

Bovey, I have my doubts as well, but I won’t know any outcome unless I try. If these people enjoy doing this because they’re swimming in SL & GE and are just bored, fine, they can do it to their own buddies. Not the rest of us. They can suffer the consequences for their idiocy.

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You’re correct insofar as we don’t share information about the punishment of others with our players (exception being the Fairplay threads about permanently banned cheaters).

Still, the offenders are of course punished, if proof of their misbehaviour is found.


There are players in forum that mentioned receiving a warning that X players complained about them…so it does happen. Not sure how many complaints or what level of verification is required.
AFAIK there is a warning level where you receive the complaints and a penalization level where you are banned for some time.
I dont think the players complaining will receive feedback…
BTW…the usual reason are Foul Language and Teamkill…i assume these are “easier” to confirm…“misbehaviour” is harder to verify. I had team mates push me, shoot at me (in GF it does not harm me) or be somewhat abusive in the way they act…but i dont report this as i dont really see how i can prove it was “deliberate” and not some accident or “driving” mistake. I reported once when a player made a wide detour just to push me into a river…

One can get a warning directly in the client if one has been reported (in chat) often, but frankly, I very much dislike this warning as it only confuses people.

After all, it has zero relevance how often someone is reported (and therefore report spamming doesn’t work), and we chat-ban exclusively if a report against a player actually proves a punishable offense.

This can of course be the case also with one single report containing an offense and thus leading to a chat ban. Or on the other hand you can receive 10 reports, and if those don’t show any punishable offense, nothing will happen to you.

As to what is easier to confirm, anything chat related is quite simple, as with any report we automatically get also the chat log, which very easily shows who said what. This is compared with the game rules and leads to a punishment, depending on severity of the offense and previous punishment history.

TK’s is another matter, as the majority of those cases are handled by the automated system anyway: It’s easy to determine who damaged/killed who - that’s what the system does all the time anyway - just that if it’s Blue on Blue the system also checks if the Teamkiller has done TK/TD repeatedly recently, and then automatically issues a game ban for those players according to an algorithm.

The trickiest part - and thus most resource intensive and time consuming - are harassments via gameplay (pushing into line of fire, blocking,…) and suspected cheaters/hackers, as here an employee has to literally watch the server replay carefully (often several/many replays to see a trend/repetitive behaviour), and determine, if the behavior reported reliably confirms the harassment or cheat/hack that has been reported and warrants a punishment.

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There’s nothing you can do about it. These are young people who have nothing else in their lives. Don’t pay attention and forgive them.

Ghost, as far as “proving” their action as deliberate and malicious, all one needs to do is watch the replay, which becomes patently obvious. Being bumped or shot at when there are enemy vehicles in close proximity is understandably, and obviously, mistakes and fog of war. I’m sure that whatever mechanism is used to investigate a claim such as mine would have access to the replay, which I saved for any future reference.

Two things…
Watching replays is human intensive…which means cost and time. I dont know how they do it and if they can check every claim manually, or if they “filter out” some claims.

There is always subjectivity…people dont agree on lots of things…and some “ramming” can be accidental, or just rude, not necessarily meriting a ban.
I see lots of players ramming each other, usually the first is accidental or someone not paying attention…but then they start pushing each other…sometimes shooting and cursing. Sometimes the guy initially hit becomes much more aggressive in the end.
I am not sure how i would handle such a complaint…perhaps the soccer method…two yellow cards…BUT this would mean punishing the player making the complaint also…not sure how that would go…
And this is just ONE of many subjective complaints…

This is a job for moderators and Gaijin staff for their human intensive investigation. Thanks for your input, Ghost.

Would ramming allies in Air Arcade be recognized by the automated system? Just had a game where a player spent his first 7 lives ramming allies as they spawned. His last life (I’m assuming) he went after enemies finally. But the ramming doesn’t count as a teamkill in game, so not sure if this is a method to bypass both the cost and banning from TKs