How Do I Remove…?

Air Superiority mode from aviation? I have no idea how to win and it seems pointless and irritating to me.

Air Domination is very easy to win. It’s all about height and keeping above your enemy, while calling for everyone to drag the fight over their half of the capture zone.

Commonly baiting the enemy is a wise move to drag them unwittingly out of that cap.

You can opt out of using a few maps, but better to get used to dogfighting as per @FlyingDoctor’s post.

You win this by controlling the zone, and you gain control the zone by having more aircraft of your own side in it than the enemy does for a period of time.

The zone has a radius shown on the map, but also a lower limit (2000ft??) and an upper limit (12,0000ft??) - suckering enemy out of the bottom limit is a common tactic :)

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What the others have said, also play realistic, I don’t think it’s there