How do I play the U.S.S Moffet and similar ships

So, I bought the Turm 3 and with it came 2000 GE and I decided to purchase the U.S.S as I heard it is a completely fantastic to grind silver.

But, I realized I have no idea how to play Naval RB. I know I can play Naval AB, which is still very fun. However, Naval RB has double the SL multiplier which means lots of profit.

So, any tips to play the Moffet and Naval RB in general?

Load the lowest pen SAP round with the highest HE filler, and shoot before they shoot you.

Check these out:

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Good choice. I’ll join ya sometime if you’d like

I’m not the best at naval, but I’d say I’m okay at it, for sure have a basic enough understanding of the game mode and gameplay.

For ammunition, I’d recommend running the 8 Torpedoes, and as for main gun ammunition, I run 3/4ths of 5 Inch Common Mk.32, which is around 2160 shells, and the remaining shells are all HE-VT for Anti Air and light patrol (coastal) ships.

Aiming Basics
You aim by figuring out by how much the target is moving towards or away from you, so you can aim where they will be when the shells finish traveling and reach the target. (When not aiming for vitals, seen in the next section) You want to aim slightly below the waterline of the ship so it hits most of the crew compartments. It is extremely important to know that the shells move WITH the ship. This means if you are traveling Moffett full-speed, which is around 37 knots or 69km/h, your shells will move in your direction with that speed, throwing off your aim. Aside from pulling your aim off to compensate for this, you can reduce speed down to Full Ahead or Steady Ahead which can make it far more manageable to deal with. However if the target is going the same bearing (direction) as you, don’t try to compensate too much for movement, as the shells are still getting the directional movement as you, making it easier to aim for modules (I’ll touch on this further down). I also recommend setting your distance measurement unit to yards, as it doesn’t get automatically changed to kilometers as meters do.

Knowing What and Where to Shoot
Now with the understanding of basic naval aiming, you must also understand where, why, and when you have to shoot certain parts of the ship. I’ll actually have a visual aid for this.
wt guide naval
I will not deny I will not be including every part of the ship that you can shoot, just the important things to make it easier for you to kill them, and harder for them to kill you.

Half of Moffett’s strength is having the speed and firepower to win every fight it gets into when it’s positioned correctly. The maps and positions where it is most effective are in closer range, where you can use your firepower to cripple their guns and torpedo tubes, granting you a free kill. I tend to avoid the larger more open maps made for bigger ships as you’re not likely to be hitting, much less killing anything with the Moffett, or any ship really, at 12km. You can make players come towards you by capturing a point, forcing them to either sail to cap the point or take fire from you whenever they pass by. Alternatively, you can get to a more covered position or a position has enemies come from behind an island, as by the time they notice you, it will be likely that they have already eaten a salvo or two from you, immediately giving you the upper hand. From there you can take out their guns and command bridge to get easy shots on their ship.

Backups are one of your greatest tools, allowing you to get more kills, and therefore more SL whenever you play. You can purchase 5 backups every battle pass season for 60 war bonds each, and get them randomly from post-match crates.

Hopefully, this guide helps, and that I didn’t forget anything!