How do i play the Strv 104 & Strv 105!?

The Strv 104 & Strv 105 has these stats to me.

  1. Mobility: This tank moves at a snail’s pace (20/100 mobility), which means you’re an easy target. Dodging or outmaneuvering enemy fire is nearly impossible when you’re crawling across the battlefield.

  2. Armour: The armour (20/100) might as well be made of paper. It offers minimal protection, leaving you vulnerable to enemy attacks from all angles. You’re essentially a sitting duck out there.

  3. ERA Protection: The supposed protection against HEAT rounds (ERA) is practically non-existent (0.1/100). It just doesn’t protect against anything!

  4. Firepower: While the firepower is decent (70/100), good luck using it effectively. You’re often the first one to get taken out, rendering your firepower useless. It’s frustrating to have the tools to fight back but never get the chance to use them.

  5. Rooftop Machine Gun: The rooftop machine gun (30/100) doesn’t provide much defence against helicopters or other airborne threats. Cant elevate above 15 degrees! 7.62 NATO perform semi-poorly against helicopters

  6. Optics/Scopes: The optics/scopes (40/100) are just mediocre. They get the job done, but they don’t give you any significant advantage on the battlefield. You’re left relying on basic tools in an environment where every advantage counts. While you get NVD for all crewmembers! but with how rarely you get into Night battles this does nothing… And for the Thermal imaging for the Strv 105 sure its nice but still worthless if you cant target your enemy first.

  7. Survivability: Surviving in this tank is a nightmare (10/100). One shot and you’re done. It’s like walking into battle with a giant bullseye painted on your back. No amount of skill or strategy can save you from the inevitable if you’re driving this coffin on wheels.(from my view)

And as if dealing with the tank’s shortcomings isn’t enough, there’s the frustration of feeling ignored by the developers. The Strv 104 should be a prized addition to the game. Yet, it’s plagued by issues, much like its predecessor, the Strv 103. That the developers have just left in its sad broken state. It’s disheartening to see such iconic vehicles neglected while other aspects of the game receive more attention, like Gaijin implementing updates with 80% copy-paste and the rest Premiums (Cough, Cough. Alpha Strike.)

In desperate need of guidance here, please!

Snipe, check my profile. I have both spaded and strv 104 is best as a sniper and the 105 is just garbage. 9.3 sweden is actually hell. The t72 is good and the prem leopard i assume, i have germ one, and the cv9030 is trash. Just use the 8.7 lineup until you get 10.0-10.3