How do I play the M901 (And Grind IV, V, VI USA faster possibly)

I happened to have made the questionable decision of purchasing the M901 Wall-E a couple months back and it seems like a great tool for grinding V-VII as getting vehicles like the M103 have been painfully slow. Except one issue: it’s just incredibly difficult for me to play it, though I’m certain its not the best or most glamorous vehicle, I feel like I just need to play it better so that is why I’m asking the community.

How can I utilize the 605k SL that I threw out the window?


Hidden, far away from front line, sniping open field.

And for grinding fast → there is different yet better solutions.

Good luck sniping unless they fixed the TOWs snapping to an angle instead of following your sight

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Play more :)
Do not go for the premium if you do not have the line up for it :) Or else your’e the 1death leaver on the big list what is happening right now in the game and it is not fun to see a team wiped out in the first 5 min of a game

True, … ODL people are really breaking the game right now.

With ATGM guided nerf. I wouldn’t heavily relied on ATGM only-vehicles. Combine with the fact that a lot of urban map are rotate around. You gonna have a hard time deploy such vehicle .

But for suitable map like big open map you just need to play like sniper. flank around the edge map or hiding behind hill from afar using shoot n scoot tactic. (else you risk getting bomb by CAS. [or just keep your eyes open for any possible CAS before you need to ranaway])

For grinding fast premium account could also help. but i suggest you to at least get M41A1 or better light tank to use as a back-up

BTW if you reverse to move instead of going forward you can keep the Launcher deployed

bringing an m41a1 to 8.3?

it’s better than taking things like M26s or T34,T32 ,T95 or have nothing at all.
Due to mobility and gun handling alone. You might even manage to kill some things from the flank or rear plus a scout ability to use.

But if you already has things like M46 , M47 with HEAT-FS those can replace M41A1 too . Since you will be able to pen a lot of stuff from the front (at least against target without ERA or composite armor) and their mobility are acceptable.