How do i not die?

I nearly just started out playing War thunder again. After so many years and started playing realistic but i seem to always get one shot from kilometers away. And i would have had no chance to know where it came from. Until I’m dead also how do people know where to aim from so far away since there is not really any way to learn distance?.

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It’s simple: you stop dying!

In all seriousness, it’s an experience thing. I assume you’re playing ground RB judging by you saying you’re one shot from kilometers away, so I’ll explain based on that. Dying from a kilometer away is a situational awareness and map knowledge thing. You need to know what positions on maps are places where people will usually go to cover certain sight lines. The other part of this is constantly looking around you. Check if someone is marked on the map every 5 or so seconds. You don’t need to open the map with the M key, but rather you just need to look in the bottom corner. You also need to be looking around you a lot. Use the binoculars, which are bound to the B key by default, to keep situational awareness and knowing where people are. Once again, this really is an experience thing that you pick up with time.

As for seeing the distance, you can do that. There’s a feature ingame called the rangefinder. Different vehicles have different types of rangefinders that can tell the distance of a point up to a certain distance and with a certain amount of error. If I remember correctly, it is by default bound to the R key. If it is not or if you want to chance it, you can go into your controls and change they key it is bound to. The rangefinder does take time to use though (unless it’s a laser rangefinder but that’s mostly at high tiers). It’s a really good tool for learning the ropes, but over time you gain experience and you’ll be able to intuit how far away something is based on sight. You won’t be able to get it right every time just by eyeballing it, but you will get a lot better at it over time and will become pretty accurate. Maps also have a marker on them showing how many meters each square on the map is. If someone is marked on the map, you can use that to try to get the distance.

Hope this helped!


What level are you playing? If you have bought a high level premium vehicle then STOP USING IT!!

Go back to basics and learn the game from low levels and work your way up the tech tree, gaining experience as you go.

ETA: Just checked your latest game - you are using M4 Sherman, so you aren’t at high level, but probably still not well experienced enough with only 345 games or so… so it really is just practice, practice, practice… and when you’ve practiced a lot practice some more!!

Your use of cover in the Normandy game was terrible - you didn’t at all much - you were side on to enemy you knew were there- for example you didn’t use the church for cover at all - instead sitting out in front of it in full view for everyone for pretty much 360 degrees… jsut cost a KV-1 was an idiot doing that doesn’t mean you have to be an idiot too!!

What br, nation, vehicles are you playing and what are you getting killed by?

You can use the rangefinder to check the distance.

As for the “how not to die” part: