How do i get those Forum badges for the past Updates?

So since before the forums has been updated, i always wondered what those badges are that some users here have. I have been playing since 2019 and never received or got any badge or whatever its called, and i was curious to how to receive it or what they are for.
Image bellow is a example to what i mean

You have to be part of the Beta.

This can be done by buying a vehicle or fulfilling the play requirements.

The French Navy is the current option.

where can i find more information about receiving such badges?

Here is the article about the French Navy Beta:

The other badges can no longer be earned.

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thank you for your help, sad that i can no longer have those badges even tho i played during their availability. Welp then, French Navy Badge it be (i do not like Naval T_T)

I am too late… Tmr i am very busy and got exams, i guess till next time i can unlock a badge

The end time is July 24th (07/24), not June 24th (06/24).

Yeah you got quite a bit of time to get the requirements done for the French navy badge.

What I find a bit weird, I have the French Navy badge on the old forum, but not here…

oooh, i gues i didn’t notice that one. Welp then im eager to get my first badge then

I just decided to look into this because I have badges that make sense and others that are missing such as La Résistance. I also bought both French ships during French naval CBT and don’t have the badge.
While I also don’t know why they’re connected to this account. I started playing during Royal Armour on a different account long before I made this one.