How do I get kills in the Tiger UHT

So after an extremely arduous grind through the entire German heli tree I finally got the Tiger UHT. After watching a lot of videos on it I understand the premise of ‘reveal, fire missile, hide’
But… I just cannot seem to get any kills on it. All of my missiles seem to just explode in mid-air even if a target is in an open field.
If a locked tank comes even close to a burning corpse, or behind a building, or smoke, or apparently just because the missile feels like it, the missile will blow up and do nothing.
Is this simply a skill issue and am I playing it wrong? Should I spawn closer to the battlefield? Does anyone have any advice whatsoever?

It’s not you, fire-and-forget missiles are garbage and always have been.


For my Tiger UHT is a standart to fire 4 missiles to kill someone. So just take off, launch all 8 PARS at every target you see and land for reload. My record is 32 PARS launched per game (9 kills lol)