How come Strf 90, And other CV 90s aren't given IRST,

The radar system on the Lvkv 9040 is significantly lacking in effectiveness. Time after time, Infrared Search and Track (IRST) systems have proven to outclass standard radar guidance in War Thunder. For instance, the 2S38 has demonstrated the significant advantages of IRST.

Key Points:

  • Current Discrepancies:
    • The 2S38, still in the trial phase, is equipped with IRST.
    • Established vehicles like the CV 90s lack IRST.
    • The German PUMA IFV and BMP-2 are equipped with IRST, despite the PUMA’s current proxy ammunition being highly ineffective.
  • Technical Advantages of IRST:
    • Resistance to Jamming: IRST is less vulnerable to jamming and electronic interference.
    • Enhanced Detection: IRST can detect low-flying aircraft and helicopters obscured from radar by terrain features.
  • Current Gameplay Issues:
    • Air targets often dominate ground battles, particularly in the 9.7 to 10.3 BR range.
    • Swedish SPAA units are at a disadvantage without IRST.

Proposed Solutions:

  • Implement IRST on Swedish Combat Vehicle 90 Units:
    • Adding IRST to vehicles like the CV 90(strf 90)s.
    • Addressing the imbalance in Ground RB at 9.7 to 10.3 BR.
    • Results will be mitigating the dominance of helicopters and aircraft to create a more balanced gameplay experience.

Community Support:

  • The War Thunder community has supported Gaijin and provided the resources necessary for continuous game improvement.
  • There is a strong request from the community for Gaijin to prioritize the integration of IRST systems on Swedish SPAA units.

The Universal Tank and Anti-Aircraft System (UTAAS) is a versatile sight and fire control system for tanks and combat vehicles. It provides high hit probability against all ground targets, as well as against helicopters and high‑speed aircraft. - SAAB

PS: I know this subject has been beat over the head at this point. And its possible this thread will be sent to the shadow realm. But i feel this is important anyway,


People have told me it doesn’t have “IRST” it has “IRT,” essentially just to say it shouldn’t, but it should, and actually, should be fully automatic. Once the system is locked on, the computer automatically adjusts the turret, and the elevation to hit taget, as to allow the crew to continually feed the hungry 40mm.

I think I’ve brought up the Bofors P-3 set range air burst munitions, they would be nice, almost like AHEAD.

Something people have also told me is that it’s currently in game, just not modeled properly, at all, if it is.

Gaijin is apparently trying to fix this on the dev server, the fuse delay now automatically updates as a target moves, on both the PUMA as well as the PGZ09 which is also receiving AHEAD.

IRT is just the correct name to call it. We use IRST to make it easier for everyone in the community to understand, but it does matter at least here on the forum. It does not have Infra Red Search Track, only Infra Red Track. Hence IRT is the correct name.