How can I send clips to Gaijin for their Youtube Channel

I looked at their thunder show channel and they state to pm them but not really sure how to actually reach out to them. What is the best way to send them clips.

  1. While in the game, go to “Community — Replays” and find the replay.
  2. Press the “Rename” button and give it a memorable name.
  3. Open the Replays folder in the game folder: search for the file with the name you have just given it.
  4. Attach the file to an email and send it to [email protected].
  5. Also, do not forget to mention in the email:
    — The exact time of the moment you want to share
    — Your in-game nickname
    — Email address used to register your account
    If you want to, you can give some details: about what happened to make this moment so good.

Seems clear enough…

I like to send them clips showing their awesome work with “balance” and “shell shatter”, but they never make the show for some reason.

Do they respond or you just get left on read?

I doubt they respond. If they use it, you’ll get rewarded.