How can i dodge an Spitfire

Im like a year or two on the Usa air grind. Im having the problem that in every game im being taken out by an spitfire. Any tips how i can dodge the spitfire or in air battles?

I try to avoid them until they are below me or already engaged. I will literally just run from the XD

Spitfires overheat very fast and lack top speed, with USA planes you should be able to stay fast and avoid them. Be careful with people above you though.

Hello zsimms_Warrior1 !
You have found the right place to ask.
First off, I am a Spitfire player, and I know the limitations of my favourite planes:

  • low fuel, meaning the Spitfire is likely to break off an extended chase.
  • low ammo count, specifically for the cannons
  • low top speed compared to US planes, so you dive - Spitfire cannot catch you
  • smaller calibre guns, US planes sport the famous 12.6mm / 0.50 cal guns, and a lot of them. Spitfires have 7.6mm’s, yay.

So the tactic that works against Spitfires:

  • if the Spitfire is higher than you, run away.
    The technical term is to “extend”, basically you dive shallow, then turn it into a shallow climb. The idea, do a wide (!) circle and when you return, you are higher then them.
  • if the target is lower than you, dive onto them and “boom and zoom” (ONE strafe, then dive past or pull up again, with the intent to get out of their range again fast.)

See you in the skies!
– Lady E

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