How are repair cost calculated

How are repair cost calculated? Here are two games, different repair cost, almost same activity time:

But the repair cost are different. I wonder how repair cost are calculated.


Time you got in battle, how much you damaged your vehicle, how much ammo you used, things alike.


Did you get destroyed in both matches? (Or first match you weren’t as damaged as the second match)

But, I’ve had games where I got destroyed but for some reason my repair cost was basically half the full repair. This was even before the reduced repair cost for short games, as well as now even playing a long game, being destroyed and not having maximum repair cost.

It’s primarily calculated on time alive (can be seen as SL/min in stat card).

Secondly its how damaged you were at the end (or destroyed completely).
Destroyed completely equals time cost per minute.
Damaged at end depends on how damaged you were (time will almost never factor in here as the max repair cost time is usually 5 min and a match is almost always longer than that)

The max total is a base value per vehicle and then add a specific cost per added module for a complete total SL cost for a spaded vehicle.

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completely destroyed, in both games, I have