How am i so bad

How is it that i have to hit s tank 4-5 times for it to die, and i ALWAYS get one tapped. For reference i just came back to the game after a short break, and plaid 3 Ground RBs and Got ONE kill. I troede difrent strategier, russing points, flanking and camping but i always get one tapped (from the front) but whenever i hit a enemy it does No harm. I use BRK-1 rounds ( i Think) at 4.7 BR playing USSR.

So in conclution of this post, how tf do i get kills

Lol. Looking at this posts title, I ask myself that everyday when I play.

Well first off, why are you playing against S-tanks with 4.7 Russian vehicles? Second, it’s kinda hard to help with this very limited info, and so many grammar mistakes. I think I can discern what your saying and will try to help though.

Well it’s most likely where your shooting vs, were there shooting. Try playing arcade and finding weak spots of enemies, or looking in the hanger. It also depends on how far you are fighting from. Looking at 4.7 Russian tank guns with BRK-1 round (which there is none by the specific name…) you should be able to both pen and kill most tanks you’ll meet. Other factors include angles at which you are firing/hitting/getting hitting/hit. Another is what vehicle you are using and what the enemy is using.

How long was this break? You could just be warming back up to the game is what it could be.

Well, that’s just how it goes some times. I’ll go from getting 15 kills in a match easy, then struggling to get 6 he next.

Well at least your trying different things. Just try some more is all I can really say. Eventually you will learn the maps as well as learn the tanks you use and the enemies.

I don’t really know how to answer this other than saying try the game more. Eventually you will get some :)

Honestly, looking at your playercard you’re such a new player that you just gotta stick with it.

I’m suspecting that maybe you’re shooting APCR rounds which have great pen values but they do very little damage to components, but it’s impossible to tell as there’s no BRK-1 shell.

4.7 Russia has some very strong tanks but they kinda suck when you’re fully uptiered. Either way though I’d recommend maybe looking for a new player friendly squadron to join up with and get more direct input. Or go on youtube and watch videos of people who know what they’re doing.

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^^ Yea, find a good group of players and squad more. Try not to die as fast and don’t fixate on getting kills, just settle for the assists until you know you can hit things.

The game has a STEEP learning curve and it gets hard very quickly, once you push through that, you’ll get further.

Just play the objectives, and be there to support your team when you can. It’s fine, everyone hits this wall.

They probably bought a high tier premium and they leave in their line up so they get dragged up to a high BR.

That would make sense with them saying fighting S-tanks with 4.7 tanks. But then again it could also be a typo, seeing as there are quite a lot in the post

yea i meant “a tank” and the typos are there cuz i wrote it on my phone cuz i had to shut my pc off or i would break something

i was just saying the shell name off the top of my head but its “BR-271K” if it makes any diffrence

I think something like this happens to the rest of us lol my T-55AM has 2.3KDR but what you didn’t see is it sometimes goes 3 matches without any kills. I played it extremely aggressively and always headed to the enemy spawn, it just works because at that br there was a fair amount of downtiers where the armor will works, note that this tank has better armor than the heavy tanks in that br range, you need to know what your tank can do and what it cannot do and recognise the enemy strength and weaknesses and act accordingly.

You will eventually learn where to shoot. You dont need to worry about it, everyone has gone through this phase.

Okay, makes sense, I have to do the same bc of this game XD

I mean it helps. At least I know the tank you are using now. I’m going with it’s the T-34-57 correct? If it is I’ll give suggestions on how to play it.

  1. Flank- I know this is probably annoying to hear, but it’s the best thing any tank can do. You gun is amazing and the T-34 has some great mobility. Don’t be afraid to be the last on your team to engage, just because you are flanking.
  2. Sniping- This tank’s gun is very good at sniping. The only thing holding it back would be the optics. The optics aren’t very good, but shouldn’t stop you from engaging enemy targets from longer distances. Sniping will also increase your survivability bc over distance rounds loose their pen value.
  3. Angling- It may sound redundant to have part of your side armor to the enemy, but if it’s angled as well as your front, at the right degrees it can improve your armors ability to protect you from incoming shells. The T-34 can be very good at this. The armor is already trolly, so angling will just be even more annoying for you enemies.
  4. Join a squad- Find a squad that is new player friendly and play with them until you get the ropes. It’ll help out so much.
  5. Learn your weak spot’s- Learn them on your tank and the enemies. It’ll help out A LOT. The T-34 (basically all of em) have weak spots in their turrets. Either the cheeks or the turret rings, just depends on the model you are using. Both can be said for the 57’s bc there are to different models in game. A few enemies that you should go look at in hanger to understand them more are, T14, M4A3E2, M4A2/M4A3’s, PZ.IV, Panthers, Tigers, Churchills, other T-34’s, SU/ISU’s, IS’s (But you shouldn’t be able to fight against them unless you fight USSR at 4.7 BR), ARL’s, ANY SWEDISH TANK (they like to be weird and bounce shot’s that should easily pen)
  6. Get headphones- IDK if you already have some but get headphones or earbuds to use. Hearing in this game is very important and can make the difference between life and death. When I switched from XBOX I got 10x better just because of being able to actually hear my enemies and where they were compared to my tank. Now they aren’t some godly mega game changer superweapon, but they do help out a lot!

If you need any more help, feel free to reach out!