How about making Centurion MK3 or Strv81 more useful?

I have an idea to balance the series of Centurion(Arcade mode), how about reducing the usage of stablizer in exchange for a more useful APDS shell? For instance, if the game increases the lateral amplitute, making the image in periscope more swing, is that a possible solution to balance the effectiveness of stablizer? Right the series of Centurion,especially the MK3 and Strv81 is so hard to play, unable to kill, easy to die. Please consider throughly about my request and suggestion.

The Centurion MK3 and Strv81 are fine where they are. Why?

They have stabilizers, full stabilizers before many other nations get them. They also have a researchable APDS round.

Should Gaijin reduce the stabilizer on the PT-76 because its a fully stabilized gun too with a crappy HEATFS round?


I have never had trouble playing the Centurions. @xxIRONHEAD787xx has it exactly right.

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I mean, the Centy’s do have their fair share of problems, but thats from me not playing them correctly lmao

I play the Cent 5/1, which is a essentially a Mk3 with a 50 cal, minus the sideskirts. Stabiliser increases lethality (with some good aim you can hit and oneshot targets on the move, and from a good position with angles and good coverage it can become a deadly tank) and it can be quite tanky unless someone nails your hull ammo or chips away at your crew enough. It’s also surprisingly tanky in my opinion. took two Heli launched AGMs, multiple salvoes of BMP-2 Missile and gunfire, losing engine and turret control and 2 crew but was able to repair and destroy a Leo 1 and severely damage the BMP in return.

Cent 3 is much the same deal, in some ways its a bit more tanky in the first instance thanks to the sideskirts which provide some extra stoppage. I can’t speak for the Strv 81 but given they’re fairly similar i imagine it’s much the same deal. So no, I don’t think the ammo needs buffing. Low spalling is a character trait of British Ammo, in return for decent pen values (up until the Chieftain anyway!), and if you’ve used solid shot AP enough you should be getting rewarded adequately. May not be user error, sometimes APDS does just randomly shatter. Perks of Sabot I guess.

May I suggest learning where your common opponents (so Tiger 2, T-54, etc etc? haven’t seen arcade BRs for a while) stow their ammo, how their crew is distributed? Doing even a small amount of this usually increases your overall lethality, and is an excellent skillset that is transferable very easily.
For example, I would, if i was against a Tiger II H in my Centurion Mk.3 with APDS loaded, I would either aim for the Tiger’s front turret plate, or if possible, the rear of the turret. hitting the front turret plate. Hitting the rear or side of the turret is generally a vehicle kill, as it’ll either detonate the ammo, or kill the turret crew and breech, making the Tiger unable to fight back. It is also able to do this by hitting the turret front.
Of course, this advice is only applicable to a Tiger, but the idea is still the same. Aim for large concentrations of crew, breeches, and ammo and most of the time sabot will score a kill or cripple your opponent enough to make them ineffective.
Any problems/questions, shoot a line!

The centurions wouldn’t be so bad if the horribly exaggerated shell shattering was fixed.

There are some specific things which could be done, such as fixing the t-55’s double welded plate on the front making the rounds shatter when it should act as a single plate, not spaced armour.

I have the cent mk3 unlocked in isralei and swedish trees, but I just can’t bring myself to play them with the super exaggerated shell shattering.


Get rid of the shell shatter bs and you’ve got yourself a decent tank.

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It needs to be toned down for certain.

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Centurion 3 is way less tanky than the 5/1. 5/1 has an extra 2 inches (50.8mm) of front armour over the Centurion 3.