Hotas & Keyboard?

Hello all, how are we?

To cut to the chase, I wanted to ask if it’s possible to run both a Hotas stick, throttle, and keyboard all at once? I’m new to peripherals and joysticks in general, and I’m finding that unless I want to level my wallet for new housing development, the sticks and throttles just don’t seem to come with that many inputs…

Many thanks in advance for any insight or opinions!

You can, and i would recommend running both to start. Still having the control space of a keyboard (and even mouse if you can manage 4 devices at once) and using some of the controls you are used to streamlines your experience to full Sim-Style control.

I bind all controls (except axes) to keyboard first, then bind them keybinds to my HOTAS, using the HOTAS software.

Giving everything their own keybind first, will help to avoid future issues with equipment.

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There’s better ways than this.

Start with the default keyboard and mouse setting, then when you start adding things, you consider the add or replace prompt. Add will just add the button to the list of controls for that one, but replace REMOVES whatever ‘axis’/‘button’ you went to set that control to, from anything else it was actually bound to.

Whilst the profiles are there for many sticks and setups, the general advice I found was to always do it manually, but the add/replace situation isn’t mentioned as much as it should be.

So clear the controls to defaults, and add, don’t replace. Any mistakes, start over. Save you profile regularly, and test flight ftw.