Horrid 0.21 k/d with Object 906: need help on tips

So I recently got the 906 and I have heard it is an awesome tank, so I was very hyped to play it. I dont know if it is my playstyle or what, I just keep on dying in that thing. I have relatively higher k/d on heavy tanks (IS-4m, Tiger-1… etc) or casemates/Tank destroyers (75/34 M43…etc). But I have less luck with light tanks in high tiers. It is always the enemies that sees me and I never see them. I always get caught in bad positions and get killed. In closing, any tips or help to play the 906 or light tanks in general will be appreciated, thanks.

Be Patient, flank, try to go unnoticed, everytime you fire go behind cover and reposition.

I find it too slow to flank, it is even slower than T-44-100 smh. Turret traverse is also not very good, so it is slow to respont imo. But thanks for the advice, I will try to play more reserved.

That doesn’t stop you flanking - it means you need to be a bit more careful and thoughtful of cover when you do so.

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The Tank is awesome!, just like the other’s said try to flank with the tank and get a good position, i would say wait for the enemy team to push and snipe em with the amazing reload time, remember you have no armor, and im not sure if the saying “best armor is no armor” Applies to this tank 😂

And to any one who reads this have an amazing day q(❂‿❂)p

Thanks all for advice.

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