Horrible packet loss, I can't even play anymore

for the last two weeks or so i’ve had multiple days in a row of 10 - 30% packet loss for seemingly no reason, is it a problem with the game’s servers? my wifi is perfectly fine, i can play other games, load and watch youtube at highest quality, i’m genuinely so confused as to why i keep having this problem. i logged on today for the churchill AVRE and i played a single match of GRB and the 20-30% packet loss was just unplayable, yet everything else on my computer runs fine?? if there’s any way to fix this or anything i can do i could really use some help. i don’t wanna miss out on the churchill entirely just because of the servers refusing to work correctly.

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What server are you playing

NA servers, i live in the east coast, didnt really play much for a couple weeks but im coming back now and yet again random packet loss spikes throw my aircraft into the ground now in ARB. my wifi is fine, ive checked multiple times, normal ping, wifi test websites dont show anything weird, it has to be the game’s servers, right?

New York area?

No it’s not… It’s never fine…

I think so. Maybe you can try a European server or a Russian server

I used the game accelerator to play the server in Manassas and the server in St. Petersburg, and it was fine

With that app, I’m sure all you’re doing is using a VPN, which adds in error correction, so technically it could help out a wifi gamer in some form compared to being on wifi directly to the internet.

Yes, this will make the game experience better, but the game server is not good or not, for example, the server in Amsterdam, Netherlands, is always losing packets

Interesting, can you connect to another endpoint like the VPN clients? I’ve always been interested in the concept of letting a wifi connection just have that little bit more error correction to smooth out the connection.

Sorry, my English is not very good, this software has a lot of nodes, basically can go to any server in the game, switching nodes in the game there is a probability of disconnection, but if your network is good, there will be no problem, you can do smooth switching

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