HORI HOTAS Flight Control System & Mount

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Can anyone account for the HORI HOTAS for War Thunder

I’m in the market for a HOTAS for helis and planes. I need help regarding the serviceability of the investment.

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Check out the VKB Gladiator NXT

The cost of VKB STECS + Gladiator NXT rivals the cost of VIRPIL set, which is more than double the cost of HORI HOTAS for WT. I’ll need to talk to the local rep of VKB regarding the serviceability of the grip and throttle.

Hori: $499.99

Gladiator NXT: $135 STECS Mini: $200

Not sure how you’re getting double the cost. And the quality difference between the 2 is unquestionably in VKBs favor.

VKB STECS Mini Plus = $410

VKB Gladiator SCE Standard = $275

Ahh, RIP Aussie’s

Edit: unless it’s saying in AUD for you, that link for the hori is also in USD.


What about serviceablity?

I can’t speak for the hori serviceability, but it’s construction is archaic. Cup and ball gimbal. VKB Gladiator NXT will last a lifetime. I’ve used it for 4 years of heavy usage and only had 1 spring break a month ago, comes with like 6 sets of springs though.