Homemade track ir for camera

I’d like to add this link to an old forum’s thread where is explained how to build a cheack head tracker.
It uses an hat, a webcam and a software called “opentrack”.

If moderators have a way to copy it here, well, otherwise I will do it by hand when I’ll have time.
(Homemade Track IR) The Lazy Layman’s guide to Simulator battles.

That’s quite an old post and there are better free alternatives now. You can do the head tracking with no need for hats with lights or anything on it. Search on Opentrack using AiTrack (search on the two terms together, and both are free software). It basically uses the webcam and facial recognition (so no need for any hat and light setup) to detect where your head is pointing. It’s easy to try out and doesn’t require actual installation of any software IIRC. Just download zipfiles, extract and the run.

Great! I’ll check it!