Holt Gas-Electric Tank

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Hi guys.

Today i wanna suguest the Holt gas electric tank. One off the US first tank projects.



The US entered the first world war without any domestic line of tank manufacturing and had to rely on British and french machines. even though they did have the capasity and the know how to built and mass produce these machines.
But it didnt take long for American companies to come with some off their own suggestions for how an American tank would look like. And one of these companies that showed a prototype was Holt Tractor Co from Illinois. with their Holt tank.
Just like the French ST Chamond. Holts Tank used a Petrol Electric engine hence the name. and it could deliver 90 hp at allmost 10 km/h.
The Chassis was based on the Holt 75 Tractor. While the original track system was not working well on tanks like the st chamond and the Schneider CA. So a new suspension was created in order to make the tank more reliable when going through rugh tarrain.
The tank was built in 1917/1918 and was quickly going into the test stage. However the tank failed these test due to better cooling requirement which ended up increasing the weight to 25 tons. which was too heavy for the 90 hp petrol engine. the tank slowed more down in turns that the requirements would allow. And it didnt help that the tank was struggling going up steep hills.
These requirements was too much for the First Holt tank which ended up getting the tank rejected.


Tank overview and specification

The tank is believed to have a crew of around 6 to 7 men. A Gunner, Driver, Comander, Loader, Machine gunner and possibly a Signaler and Mechanic.
The engine was the Holt gasoline liquid-cooled 90 hp petrol engine.
The tank had a speed of allmost 10 km/h.
The tank had a weight of 25 tons.
The tanks frontal armor was believed to be either 10 or 15 mm at the front.
The main gun was the 75 mm Vickers mountain gun.

In War Thunder

In War Thunder the Holt Gas-Electric would need a new rank 1 line and maybe small maps. so i have made this US concept tree in order to show where it could sit in the tree. But im a strong believer that it would be fun to play!




“Old Suggestion”
Holt Gas-Electric Tank - USA - War Thunder - Official Forum

If i read correctly, the vickers gun was also used by the British as the 2.95 inch Mountain gun.
And the americans had a Common Steel shell. Which is a solid nose bottom fuze unhardened steel kind of Saphe shell, so this 75mm 5,67 kg shell with 343g of tnt and 280m/s will penetrate something below 20mm, while it would be very weak, it would still be better than a normal He grenade. And enove for Ww1 tanks, trucks, armored cars. And some light tanks.

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I believe we need to have a WW1 tank battle mode.