Ho 229 has been nerfed again, or rather put back to what it was before

Today I noticed with this update that the flight model and weapons of the Ho 229 have been changed. I don’t know if it was before but in the “northen king” update the ho 229 had been changed, having more engine power, a sustainable turning speed of between 500 to 350kph and yaw control with which you could even turn fairly well and with much better bullet dispersion. Which, although far from being competitive, actually made it quite playable and a lot fun to use with all the gimics it had, but after this last update it returned to the previous model which the truth is that it is directly unusable and insufferable (what The only saving grace for some reason is that the cannons have incredible damage against ground targets). In my personal opinion, this improved version of the Ho 229 (Northen King’s), although it could be tweaked to make it “valanced”, was very fun and fulfilled a role similar to that of a zero with the ability to attack ground targets and with discipline the ability to win. aerial combats with some regularity… but nowadays this not only becomes a headache for enemies on the ground due to its great penetration, but it turns the plane into something insipid and without substance, something that before was at least fun… I would like you to take into consideration these details that I have told you about and if it is possible to reverse this change. I leave this open so that people can talk about the topic and know their opinions.



It would be nice to at least lower the Horton’s BR. It doesn’t stand a chance against Sabres and MiG-15.