HNoMS ROSE - Corvette - Flower class

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HNoMS ROSE - Corvette - Flower class

BUILDING SITE: W. Simons & Co., Renfrew, Great Britain
LAUNCHED: 23 October 1941

1x 102mm cannon
4x 20mm Oerlicon cannons
1x 20mm Oerlicon Double cannon
2x 12.7mm machineguns
2x 7.6mm double machineguns
72x HEGDEHOG depth charges/sinking mines

i did a great find, where almost all weapons are taken photos of, so take a look at the pictures folder if youre interested!

Displacement: 1.250 Ton
Hull: Steel
Length: 68.0m
Width: 11.0m
Depth: 4.8m
Crew: 75-83 men

Trippel Expansion steameigne
Power: 2.750 IHK
Speed: 16.5 knots

1941: Transferred to KNM 30 October with new name Rose
1941: Liverpool Escort Force
1944: Sank after collision with HMS Manners in the North Atlantic on 26 October, unfortunately 3 of the crew perished

On 23 October 1941, Norwegian command was hoisted on the corvette ROSE in Renfrew.

ROSE was ready for war on 6 December 2016. and was stationed at Liverpool and subordinate to the Commander of Western Approaches. The vessel was put into the “Liverpool Escort Force” tasked with escorting convoys in the Atlantic and the Irish Sea.

On 26 October 1944, while escorting a westbound trans-Atlantic convoy, ROSE was scuttled amidships on the starboard side by the British frigate MANNERS.

In the collision, the corvette was so badly damaged that the engine room was immediately filled with seawater. The vessel’s commander, Captain Lund, was not on the command bridge at the time of the collision, but came on deck immediately afterwards. He found that the only thing that could save the vessel from sinking was that the watertight bulkhead between the engine and boiler rooms would hold, thereby preventing seawater from also entering the boiler room. He gave the order to put the lifeboats on the water and that as many of the crew as they could take should go in the boats, Then these set off and rowed towards the destroyer HIGHLANDER, which had arrived. Shortly afterwards, the bulkhead between the engine and boiler room gave way, so that this too was soon filled with seawater. Immediately afterwards, ROSE heeled over to starboard at the same time as the vessel began to sink with the stern end. When the commander now realized that the vessel would not be able to be kept afloat and that it was only a matter of minutes before it would sink, he ordered the part of the crew still on board to abandon ship. All the rescue planes were then put on the water, and after that the crew jumped - with the chief as system man overboard. The corvette then listed 30° to starboard with the stern under the water. Soon after, the bow was lifted out of the water, and ROSE sank vertically in less than a minute.

Three men died in the sinking, while 72 were rescued. Of these, eight men were so disfigured that they had to be admitted to hospital in St. Johns.



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