HMS Whitby/Blackpool question

In the game’s wiki, one con of HMS Blackpool states “Main armament cannot effectively target anything closer than 4.30 km (2.67 mi) towards the bow.”, what does this mean?

Also, is HMS Whitby (same ship class, and they look nearly identical in-game) affected in the same way?

I’ve not got it, but based upon that, i assume that if something is in front of it, within 4.3km. then the main gun is unable to depress enough / shoot over the bow of the ship to hit a target. Especially something small like a PT boat

The raised foc’sle prevents the use of the main guns depression over the bow. The minimum range across this arc is therefore much higher than elsewhere across the turrets rotation. HMS Whitby is the same class and also has this limitation.

Its not an issue limited to this class, for example the German T22 also has a blind spot forwards.

As do some BB’s where the lower of 2 forward turrets cannot shoot straight ahead - eg (IIRC) Scharnhorst