HMS Spey (Along Time Nerfed Needs A Buff)

Ingame it has a destroyer spawn and is classified as a gunboat when infact it was a frigate. Fitted with 2 x 4 Inch guns it has no range finder which at a destroyer spawn is kind of useless… the most similar boat to it is probably the M-802 (or M-Boot for us old timers) yet this has a Coastal spawn(!) and a range finder.

It’s a disparity that’s annoyed me for along time but never seems to get fixed… I guess not enough people own it to care. I dunno.


TBH the closest ship is the Tacoma class Frigate (pretty much same layout but US armament).

But it should be rerated as a Frigate again for it used to be classed as one a long time ago, Now I’m not sure if it had GFCS but it would be great to have added to it.

The Minensuchboot M-802 definitely imho probably needs a nerf to it be it DM or spawn or both but it’s one of the few ships to not be removed from such a spawn so that wish is doubtful.

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Lots of Frigates spwn with the DD’s - Chinese ones, Koln that I can think of right now