HMS Renown

Very excited to grind out this beast during the “Summer Extreme” event.

Anyone else going to try for it?


I am. My naval British tech tree needs a lot of work lol. This would definitely be a great addition to it.

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I am also definitely getting it. Finally some big ships for Event Ships.


Ill try to grind it out, but i hate these events and usually dont bother

sure will, was waiting for it since the leak that revealed it. Im expecting it to be a great addition to my 6.3 lineup :))

I mean with the only task being mission points and with a good BB you can get that done in no time.

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Yeah, at least this one is simple. The last event vehicle I went for was the Buc S1 and that was a total pain in the arse. Just I dont touch NRB much these days, usually play ASB.


I agree. If I had to put together one more mech for this one, I’d ignore this event entirely.

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The only thing i was wondering IS does its 114mm gun mount are used on Battle-class DD?? Because if its not, then this ship is not worth playing in high BR due to possibly face-off against early JETS and super high-altitude bomber that usually flies over 5km height

Not that Battle-class DD 114mm gun can effectively hit those plane at that height but still better than 102mm outdated gun and at least 1.5x faster RoF at the cost of effective DPM on armor vs armor shell against 133mm gun found on HMS Dido so far

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The only thing i am SO frustrated about this kind of MAJOR EVENT is when Gaijin adds 2 naval vehicle prize in either Summer OR Winter once a while as SO FAR it seems that mostly either tanks or plane/jet prize that been given 2 slot many times

Not to mention that it was quite long since last year or 2 ago that we (player) got such chance nowadays

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YES. I don’t have much time, so I’ll grind maybe 2 stars, and then GE the rest.

It is the same gun as on the Battle class. so you don’t have to worry about that.

She’ll have to be 6.7 at least, unless she has very exposed ammo racks.

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From what I can find, it looks like the 114mm guns are the same, but they used slightly different designations based on the mounts. I hope that’s the case. It gets old having someone bring in their F-84 that can never be shot down and continuously drop accurate dual 1000 pound bombs every 60 seconds or less in arcade.

You may have forgotten the Britian tax. I’d not be surprised if this was Br7


The mounting on HMS Renown is actually already ingame, on the aircraft carrier HMS Illustrious. It has different stats from the ones used by the Battle-class destroyers, mainly a slightly higher firerate and only being provided w/ time-fuzed HE, instead of having that and ordinary HE, SAP and HE-VT as the destroyers do.

( qf_mk4 and qf_mk5 are the variants used by the Battle-class ingame )

It 's possible that the characteristics of this weapon will change when Renown is closer to becoming available, but at present this is the performance we can expect from it 's secondary guns.


Nah Britain doesn’t have much “BR tax” now with the newest BR changes, aside from York. Renown really can’t be 7.0. Like, she’s essentially a much worse version of Hood, which is 7.0 already. We’ll see.

Yeah, we’ll see. Should be a good addition though. Plenty of secondary armament

(thought it was 14inch guns not 15)

It’ll most certainly have to be changed I think, as that’s nowhere near the gun’s IRL performance. And only the mounts were the same, and the actual guns were Mk III on the Renown, not the Mk I used on Illustrious. Since WT usually uses the gun’s name, there’s a good chance that a new and different Mk III gun might be added for Renown. Not to mention that Illustrious is currently an AI-only ship, whose AA capabilities are heavily nerfed in order to act as targets in air battles. We’ll see.

Also @Stielhandgranate @WrldWekztCapt I’ve taken a look at navweaps and it seems like the RoF on the Renown’s mounts are much lower then the destroyer mounts. That’s a shame. But 12 rpm is still decent, though this means the overall effectiveness of all 20 barrels will be slightly less than Nevada’s 16 5"/38 barrels and about equal to Alaska’s 12 5"/38 barrels.

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Sadly from the (non-detailed) plans I’ve seen, it looks like the ammo might be right at the waterline, which sucks and could make her 6.3 worthy(but Gaijin might make her 6.7 anyway).

On 6.7 it is not comparable to poltava or nevada. Sure, it can ammorack them if lucky but that can also be said about glorious. Both can be easily put out of comission by actual battleships.
Since its armor and amount of guns are roughly intermediate between 5.7 glorious and 7.0 hood i think 6.3 would be decent spot to start, 6.7 after decompresion.
I dont know the actual armor scheme but if it is anything like hood’s then its ammorack is going to be easily blown up.

It’s armour was requested to be the same as Invincible class - and that’s what they got - a 6" belt. It got a little more deck armour after Jutland and more in 1917.

From the wiki article: