HMS Peacock crew count

Hi guys, i have been doing some research on HMS Peacock and i am convinced the crew size of 31 is incorrect. For janes 1983-84 it lists the crew compliment of 42, which seems to be confirmed with earlier images of the ship. I think after the cold war the crew compliment was decreased which is where the crew of 31 comes from due to peace time numbers, as looking at crew photos the number on board steadily decreases the closer they got to being taken out of service:

Page from janes:

Photos showing the crew posed for photos, each one has more than the listed 31


I am currently looking over this ship and it just seems to have been modelled rather poorly, the super structure of these ships were aluminium, its missing its four general purpose machine guns even with the mountings in place on the model, and it clearly has way too little ammo for the 76mm as 115 is next to nothing, when compared to ships of comparable size like the bussard, and i heavily suspect its in the 450 range.

page taken from a janes naval review listing the super structure as aluminium along with a third engine not currently modelled in game


i remember reading (moreso finding images) of the peacocks ammunition count and yeah 450 should be the correct number.

same goes for its speed, its top speed should be 56kmh and when it came out it actually was, until gaijin changed their minds and gave it its current one cause the 56kmh speed is achieved in “sprint” which is temporary

but that would actually make it and LE orla useful, so i dont have high hopes


The stuff i am reading about the peacock class, it comes off as its one of those british vehicles with very little public info, just due to people not being interested. Every so often i stumble on something that gives more insight. Like the fact the super structure is aluminium and developed a new welding method to fit it, or this previously unmentioend third engine that allowed it to loiter at 5kts.

its also worth noting that it clearly states the ship has two engine rooms instead of the one modelled currently. I am going to have to dig deeper and call up a few museums.


i wish you luck and while youre there do try to find a concrete number on the ammunition as well

The ammo count is what has prompted this, as ligit 115 is just copy pasted from the spavario XD


I have also made this as a bug report if you would like to give it a gander. I suspect the crew of 31 is both a combo of peace time and not counting the royal marines on board who would be the ones operating the GPMG’s

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i know gaijin likes taking the peace time crew numbers for british ships, hence why colossus/dreadnought have some 800-900 crew so that wouldnt suprise me

The engine blocks issue, I’m not sure for certain but it could’ve been the devs changing DM’s around as I remember the Type 41 had it’s eight engines blocks gone to just three nowadays.

The devs have done a lot of streamlining of ships be it classification (cough the Peacock is classed as a “Subchaser” in game cough, WHAT ASW Equipment???) to reducing the internal models of ships including making them weaker (around 2.17 iirc), So those issues with enigines might come from that updates changes.

To save not making another comment,

Yeah ammunition amount is pitful for such are large ship, How can it truly be 115 shells when that’ll run out in under a minute (in game), I almost wish I could take a trip to Ireland just to look at the magazines of it’s museum Peacock class.

Pretty sure its always been modelled this way tbh, as in old videos of the thing the damage model seems to be the same as depicted currently. as can been seen in this stug video from 2020

Would make sense, all i know is information is lacking regarding the peacock class and i need to do more digging.

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But not bug…



Mate, you literally just gave me the sources to bug report that ammo count :)

and another for the crew count, that lists 43 to my 42, so easy buff right there

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It will be great if the bug report is accepted and something changes, but last time they just closed it ((

Well i have made a new one and am going to posture to see if i can get it through, this has been a issue with the ship since launch and it would really improve it if corrected, so i got to give it a go.


Said link if you want to pile in // Issues

also done another for her 4 missing GPMG’s

this one has always perplexed me, as the mountings for the two on the bridge are on her model, and they were added to le orla so its just oversight

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tf does that even mean like, “unified for the gun not for the ship”?

That statement comes from the devs, not him.