Hms hood why Unrotated Projectile can't use So will there be a chance to use it?

IIRC their rockets are in the files as when this Admiral class was added they added rockets just not to the live version, This follows a few mine dispensers on other vessels as well.

Not to mention there’s quite a few vessels with auxiliary weapons labelled in the x-ray (most are British) although most are illumination weaponry.

I would totally get the HMS Hood if it’s UP AA was added just to troll the aviators that dare try to bomb it through crap tonne of barrage cables & floating mines connected to said cables, And on a plus side a UP/Z battery could come on a british lorry if they ever did enable the rockets.

Unfortunately imho there’s more chance the HMS Marlborough will get it’s 3pdr AA activated before the HMS Hood gets it’s UP AA activated, (there’s 4×1 3pdrs still not operational on the Iron Duke class).

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