Hmd + third person view

For controlling plane, i use joytick ; and mouse is only for free looking around ( no need to press a key ) = no problems
but there’s an issue with hmd mode ( SRC/TWS/ACM/HMD) in third person view: aiming is related to horizontal skyline and not pilot view as it should/actually works in virtual and cockpit view.

so i dont get why im the only one disturbed by this, since im sure im not the only one using joytick + third view + hmd tracking.

to resume Hmd mode is unusable when using joytick in third view.

Nobody else ?

u are propably are better of writing this in the simulator forum, dont think many of us use joysticks

so most players, that are in ab or rb and they miss this great hmd tracking mode ability. ( turn to a side while tracking an enemy on other side, or flying straight while tracking enemy on side)

not realy most, the biggest part of the players control the plane via keyboard wasd , press c free aim with mouse to look and controll plane with wasd

yes i know, thats how i controlled for a long time, just started with joytick a little year ago and plane became really better and looking around also much better,
i should have forced myself to this(/my) steup a long time ago.

there’s alaways the top secret super " toggle control" in hard situations :)

if a mod wants to delete this topic , i made the same in more appropriate place
there: Hmd + third person view + joytick