HMD on mig 29 (9-13) and mig 29 G (9-12)

So when I toggle radar modes to HMD two green brackets [ ] display on my screen. I hover it over targets but it won’t lock them? Can someone help me out with this please

you have to hit the radar lock button in order to lock with any HMD, hit it a few times as HMD only does one pulse, where as ACM and normal locks will do multiple, not to mention HMD will lock any radar contact, including chaff


Thanks. Can you explain how this difference is better/worst and when should I use hmd

Sorry that im late but you should use HMD in dogfights/situations that you have a short time to react (aka head on’s) as HMD has no IFF and will lock chaff/friendlies/enemies with a bigger radar return