HMD not showing on sim mode

I got my F16C a couple months ago and I had been enjoying the HMD. I got in a sim match today and while in a dogfight I activated my missile seeker (which had made my HMD show up every time) and the HMD didn´t show up. Same with my F4J


could be not looking in the HMD range

Have you acivated the HMD?

There is a button for this now, dunno why it isn’t on by default.

Whats the keybind name? Cause I looked everywhere in controls, the only few options there´s for HMD is toggle HMD information (I suppouse it changes the information the HMD shows) and something else thats not related either to it not showing up

No, I knew that was something that made the HMD appear or disappear and of course I checked that out. That´s not the problem.

“Miscellaneous/Switch the HMD indication” would be the name of the command…


As you can see in the first screenshot, while the missile seeker diamond is being projected in the HUD (because the missile seeker is on), when I look sideways with freelook (and inside the missile’s seeker bore), the HMD is nowhere to be seen.

This is, of coure, a sim mode flight test.

Hm no, it doesn’t work. I suspect that keybind changes the information being shown in the HMD, instead of turning it on or off.

Look further left or right and make sure you use your hmd keybind

No, it completely turns it on/off, at least in my case.

Huh… That’s weird… Do you know of any video settings that could affect it? I set the keybind and press it several times and it doesn’t work

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I have the same problem. I cant fix it


I haven’t been able to fix it either

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playing the game in ULQ disables the HMCS


What ☠️ who tf came up with this idea in Gaijin HQ?


Same problem here, neither fancy f16 one or the green crosshair of temp one exist. Highest settings, low, ULQ.

Linux using amdgpu driver on rx6600


i have tested this and if i have ULQ dosnt work but without ULQ yes. this need a fix gaijin i have just 27 fps in my laptop without ULQ and im sure that many people too.

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Are you on Linux?

I can’t seem to get it to work either. I do play on Linux - wonder if that’s got anything to do with it…

Well we gotta wait apparently