HMCS Brantford raise it's rank

The HMCS Brantford should switch places with Fairmile H LCS(L)(2) as it is better in EVERY department. It’s a stable firing platform with a very high survivability

HMCS Brantford

Hull 16 mm steel
Crew 85 people
AB 45 / 22 km/h
RB 30 / 14 km/h
102 mm/45 BL Mark IX cannon with SAP
40 mm 2pdr QF Mk.VIII automatic cannon
2x 20 mm/70 Oerlikon Mk.II autocannon

Fairmile H LCS(L)(2)

Hull 6 mm steel
Crew 25 people
AB 37 / 19 km/h
RB 28 / 14 km/h
57 mm 6pdr QF Mk.V cannon with no APHE
2x 20 mm/70 Oerlikon Mark V autocannon
1x 2 x 12.7 mm Vickers Mk.V machine gun
Ordnance ML 4.2-inch mortar almost useless

It’s just way better. I think the rank only should be changed but keep the BR the same.

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The Brantford is a disgusting over powered ship at it’s BR, the thing needs to go up to at least BR 3.0