History, Design, and Performance of Israeli Air-to-Air Missiles

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Great thread, i don’t understand why the Python 5 is said to have a 2time better practical range (32 vs 16kms) while having the exact same motor.

For me the practical range doesn’t change but the Python 5 can be launch in BVR while the Python 4 cannot (LOAL and Datalink).
So the range let’s say at <5K meters (99% of war thunder matchs) is the same between the two.

Good job!
Also, does anyone know if the israeli premium A4E carried the Shafrir-2?
Would be great to have it instead of AIM-9Bs

They only used AIM-9Bs in service only the A-4N and H (late H not the one we have ingame) used Shafrir 2s