Historical Type 81 pinup decal

would you like to see this decal ingame?
  • Yes
  • No

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If implemented how would you like to see it?
  • Full version (With Background & specs)
  • Partial version (No background but with specs)
  • Pinup version (No background, no specs)
  • I don’t want it at all

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During the 2019 Nyutawara Air Base Air Festa the JSDF showed off the Type 81 with some additional art created by エイリゾ that also included some of the specifications. The following year they once more used the same art (If anyone has pictures of this one, that would be great. I kinda lost the link that contained it). As it would be a rather unique historical decal it would be a fun way of adding some additional variation to the Japanese decals.

Picture taken during the 2019 event:


Version uploaded by the artist:

(rather meh png version i made to illustrate one of the poll options)


Artist page:


That doesn’t look like official JSDF issue uniform, so… いやいや!

i didnt know air wasnt the only thing it was capable of shooting out


im not a big fan of pinups

Hell yes, +1

so cute! +1

Bring ALL the kawaii girls (and boys!) +1

Honestly looks relative source for some Type 81 (C) historic nerf





During displays about 4 different weight numbers were used since it was adopted so it’s not really too useful, even more so considering that this is the JASDF version so either a base model or B model instead of the JGSDF C model we have. And all of that is ignoring the chassis being used.

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I see. Sounds interesting, I really forgot that Type 81 used different chassis

The main issue with this would be licensing and copyright and I don’t think gaijin would bother with all that just for a decal

massive +1 would be very cool

Hm, don’t see this as a (historical) decal, as it was just a board display showing this graphic, and it was not applied to a vehicle (or unit).

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It’s as historical as IDF insignia’s which also aren’t applied to vehicles. It’s used in an official capacity by the JSDF, If the poster form is an issue then the recently added British “join your country’s army” removes that as well. As that also falls in the same “never applied to a vehicle or unit” category.

It kinda will depend on who owns the copyright but considering that the Kisarazu AH-1S got implemented it means that where there is a will there is a way. That’s up to the devs in the end though.


Isn’t Japan just a special little nation


Japan has the best decals! +1 for this one so wanted!

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Suggestion passed to the developers for consideration.