Hispano cannons struggling to kill german fighters in general

hispano cannons have become one of the best guns for props in the entire game, however i’ve found myself EMPTYING my ammo point blank on german planes just to get a weedy crit. It’s happened to EVERY german plane i’ve shot at and EVERY of each german plane was flying fine enough to either kill me back 1 shot or return to repair. IT’S BULLSHIT. Why can I one shot a privateer with the hispanos on the spitfire but not an effing ta152H? Or a K4 that sat point blank on my face? IT’S ALWAYS THE SAME STORY. Go watch my replays, go watch them! and see the little to no damage that my cannons deal to german fighters.

Me262 fragile? well not for hispanos, i’ve never managed to kill them one pass even stalled out with the spitfire mk24, they just put the fire out or return to base smoking.

k4 stalled out or point blank? well i shoot their cockpit off and they just… not die!!!